“We make your intangibles tangible”

We find the value of your invention


INVENGO IP & Law Group is a patent law firm made up of creative experts who have experience in various industrial and intellectual property fields from engineers.

Members of INVENTGO have experience in various fields such as domestic and international patent application and portfolio consulting, patent trend research, patent map and IP R&D, patent valuation, patent transaction and patent-based VC investment, and monetization through litigation and licensing. Based on this, we provide services that can maximize the value of inventions.

INVENTGO provides a comprehensive solution from the step of converting customer ideas to monetization of registered rights through a rich network of domestic and foreign intellectual property experts, universities, research institutes, companies and venture capitals.


Inventgo Patent Law Firm has been carrying out various patent consulting projects at the Patent Strategy Development Institute, Intellectual Property Protection Agency, and Regional Intellectual Property Centers, and possesses specialized capabilities in IP consulting for startups and R&D of small and medium-sized companies.

In addition, for many years, as a Born2Global and export voucher agency, we have specialized in overseas applications for startups and SMEs, consulting on dispute prevention in exporting countries, and strategic support for overseas applications.

We will maximize the value of our customers' inventions and become a business partner that grows together with our customers.

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