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IP & Law Group

Innovative IP Legal Counsel

We find the value of your invention

Leading Provider of Counsel for Technology, Science and Growth in Enterprises Specializing Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patent Law

Patent Prosecution & Management
Prior Art & Validity Search
Trademark & Brand Strategy
IP Litigation & Licensing
Patent Trend Search & IP R&D
IP Valuation
​Patent Mining, Transaction & Monetization
Technical Area​
Automotive(Autonomous Vehicle, xEV), Robot, Semiconductor Equipment, Ship, UAV(Drone), Renewable Energy, Medical Device
IT & Electronics
Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, P2P Network, Software, UI/UX, Computer Architecture, Business Model, Game,  Next-generation Battery
Trademark & Design
Brand Consulting, Trademark, Design
Patent Attorney & Experts
류원림 변리사
김태현 변리사

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Wonrim Ryu

Patent Attorney

Taehyun Kim

Patent Attorney

TEL: 02-6080-7333

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