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“We make your intangibles tangible”

We find the value of your invention


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INVENGO is a full service intellectual property law firm made up of creative experts who have abundant experience as engineers and patent attorneys in various technology areas and intellectual property law areas.

INVENTGO has significant experience in patent prosecution, IP portfolio consulting, patent trend research, patent map and IP R&D, patent valuation analysis, IP-related VC investment, and IP monetization through litigation and licensing.  Based on this, we provide business-oriented IP solutions that can maximize the value of our client’s invention.

INVENTGO also has built good networks with universities, research institutes, venture capitals, foreign intellectual property law firms, etc.  With these networks, INVENTGO provides comprehensive IP solution through all the steps from issue/invention identification to monetization of IP rights 

INVENTGO has been carrying out many IP-related projects with various government institutes such as Patent Strategy Development Institute, Intellectual Property Protection Agency, and Intellectual Property Center.  With this, INVENTOGO has significant experience in IP R&D consulting for start-ups and small or medium-sized companies.

In addition, as a Born2Global and export voucher agency in Korea, INVENTGO has unique experience in meeting the specialized needs of start-ups and small-sized companies in terms of the foreign IP applications and disputes.

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