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Services of INVENTGO

Patent prosecution

Portfolio consulting

INVENTO believes that the understanding of technology and laws is the most important in the patent filing and prosecution area.  INVENTGO members had accumulated extensive experience with various clients for many years as a patent attorney in the top-tier law firms in Korea and as an IP expert in the first patent business company in Korea. 


Based on this experience, INVENTGO members provide the best service to clients through the entire procedures from patent filings to acquisition of patent rights.

INVENTGO also analyzes the current patent portfolio of a client and provides comprehensive patent filing/prosecution strategies (covering domestic as well as foreign).

Brand consulting 

Domestic and foreign Trademark application

INVENTGO believes that obtaining trademark rights at an early business stage is very important for start-ups or small companies.


INVENTGO assesses the success chance of a trademark registration through trademark searches and proposes an effective brand portfolio strategy per each business of a client.


Using good business relationship with reliable foreign intellectual property law firms, INVENTGO handles foreign trademark filing/prosecution effectively. 

Prior art/FTO search/

Infringement analysis

INVENTGO believes that determining search strategy/scope well according to a client’s need/situation is important.


INVENTGO members have significant experience with various clients including start-ups, small or medium-sized companies, and global companies. 


Using this experience, INVENTGO members propose search strategy which is customized according to each client to implement cost-effective search/analysis.  

Intellectual property disputes

(trials, litigations)

INVENTGO members have significant experience in various IP disputes, which covers typical IP disputes (such as warning letters, patent infringement litigations, invalidation trials, claim scope confirmation trials) as well as trade secret litigations or ITC litigations. 


Based on this experience, INVENTGO provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to IP disputes.

​Patent trend research


INVENTGO members have substantial engineer experience and has been involved in many IP trials and litigations. 

Using these experiences, INVENTGO provides IP trend research and IP R&D services to assist clients to determine and implement their R&D plan effectively.

Patent (technology) licensing and


INVENTGO members have technology valuation certificates, and have substantial experience in patent purchasing and licensing for many years.


Using this experience, INVENTGO provides patent (technology) mining and brokerage services to companies.

INVENTGO also provides effective patent valuation services for IP finance and corporate patent (technology) licensing and transfer business.

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